We at hotel Mount Sinai, provide neat bedrooms at budgeted rates and services to enrich your Eco-Holiday with quality that is vital to your valuable time. Situated in the heart of Kumily-the spice town of India, in walking distance to Thekkady, a tourist home that offers the opportunity to be amidst the spice dealers and an unparalleled opportunity to sa vour the mystic sensation of the evergreen rainforests that straddles the tiny state of Kerala on the South-Western tip of the Indian Peninsula. Situated 2800 feet above MSL, the climate is pleasantly cool throughout the year and the unpolluted mountain air is truly invigorating.

Sandwiched between the mighty Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kerala is an amazingly stunning and bountiful strip of land and many a ship has set sail in search of the veritable gold mine of spices grown in the upper reaches of her forests, since time immemorial

Thekkady has all the breath-taking spectacular serene views Kerala possesses. The stimulating aroma of spices, the flight of a flock of wild geese in perfect formation, the mating call of a bull-elephant, the endless humming of the crickets, the honey-dewed wild flowering trees, the frolicking of baboons and the twinkling of the fireflies at night, are a few of the smells, sights and sounds that are mesmerising. Bounded by evergreen flora and dotted with tall shady trees entwined with pepper vines, this exotic destination is a birdwatcher's delight (over 60 different feathered birds frequent the locale) and their constant chirping perfectly compliments the peace and tranquility that makes this the ideal getaway to rediscover oneself amidst Mother Nature, at her pristine best.

Periyar Wildlife Park is one of India's most enjoyable and intriguing national parks. It is certainly one of the country's largest and the best administered, and is the veritable home of the Indian elephant. In addition, it offers the most luxurious way of viewing animals in their natural environment - you just need to relax in the comfort of a motor launch and the panorama of the park unfolds as you glide across the placid waters of Periyar Lake.