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How, then, can one buy OEM Software without purchasing a machine?

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If you've purchased a machine lately, there's a lot of software already installed on the machine. A good manufacturer will also provide you with the CD-ROMs containing that software, so that you can re-install it should you need to reformat or otherwise repair your machine.

OEM Versions of software are provided by the software vendors,adobe software buy, like Microsoft, to manufacturers for mass distribution on new hardware. Sometimes there's nothing different between an OEM version of Windows and its retail counterpart. More often, though, the hardware manufacturer will customize the operating system such that in installs drives for their specific hardware, displays their logo on boot, or other things relating to that specific manufacturer. OEM versions of applications, such as Microsoft Office for example, are typically pretty much identical to the box you might pick up on a store shelf.

Folks attempting to sell OEM version of software are typically sell the backup,adobe software cheap, CD-ROMs that came with machines they've purchased.